Student Spies On Smartphone Thief (Video)


A film student had his smartphone stolen while having lunch in Amsterdam one day. After a search using the app Find My iPhone turned up no results, the student decided to try an experiment to see exactly what kind of a person steals another person's phone (video below).

Having your phone stolen can be a frustrating situation, as there is no guarantee that you can get your phone back if the thief takes a few simple steps to disable the device. Anthony van der Meer learned that lesson the hard way and used his experience to create something very interesting.

According to The Next Web, he had his phone stolen, but by the time he tried to track it down, the SIM card had been removed and the device had been disconnected. There was nothing left he could do but move on and get a new phone.

Curious about what kind of person would do this, van der Meer decided to set up an experiment. He got a decoy smartphone, installed an anti-theft app called Cerberus, and tried to lure a thief to it.

After days of waiting for his phone to be stolen, somebody finally took the bait. The student and his friends quickly went to track the phone to see if they could figure out who stole it.

Anthony spent the next two weeks tracking the phone, taking pictures remotely, and recording audio from the phone, trying to learn about the thief, according to BGR.

Van der Meer documented the entire experiment in a short film called "Find my Phone."

The short film is an interesting view into what kind of person would steal somebody's phone and the security capabilities we have available to us today.

Watch van der Meer's short film below to see how the investigation turned out:

Sources: The Next WebBGR / Photo Credit: YouTube via BGR

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