Student Flies Gadsden Flag at School, Principal Outraged

Greg Stoneburner recently graduated from Central High School in Grand Junction, Colo., but almost didn't get his diploma.

The senior got in hot water after he raised the Gadsden flag on the school's flagpole on May 9 as a senior prank.

The Gadsden flag features a snake and the words, "Don't Tread on Me." The flag is popular with the Tea Party movement, noted Fox News.

Stoneburner recently told Examiner.com that the school's principal, Jodie Diers, withheld his controversial flag and high school diploma until after his graduation walk.

The student claims that Diers told him and his parents the flag was a "slap in the face" and that he was "not welcome" at the school.

Stoneburner wrote on his Facebook page:

The principal admitted that I had broken no law, policy, or rule. So my property was confiscated without due process (I believe this is theft under CO state law), I was denied access to a public institution because the principal didn't like what I did.

(As far as I know, that can only happen if I'm a health, safety, or welfare risk.) That's the only reason that I can gather from this. I pushed the envelope to the line, but didn't cross it, and the principal wrongfully and without base, used her power for personal revenge.

Stoneburner has been been accepted at the Western State Colorado University.

Sources: Examiner.com, Facebook, Fox News


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