School Officials Reprimand Student Over What They Say Were Too Short Shorts

A student in Old Forge, New York, says that she was singled out on the first day of her freshman year of high school because administrators claimed her shorts were too short.

Katie Ludwig, who had her first day of high school on Wednesday, claims that she was pulled out of class because of the way she was dressed. When Ludwig went to the principal’s office to discuss it, she waited for a while before finally being told that her shorts were too short and violated the school’s dress code.

Ludwig says that last year, she was reprimanded once for wearing yoga pants to school, and this time, she was told not to wear her shorts, even though the length of her shorts were fingertip length. The teen claims, however, that many other students wear yoga pants and shorter shorts to school all the time and nothing is ever done, so Ludwig feels like she is being singled out by the school and wants to know why.

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According to WKTV, the Town of Webb Union Free School District’s code does mention short shorts and yoga pants, but both Ludwig and her mother claim that nothing is being done to stop others from wearing them.

On Facebook, some commenters wondered why administrators would make such a big deal out of the issue on Ludwig’s first day of school.

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“Seriously, if it's not obscene-what is the big deal?” wrote one user on WKTV’s Facebook page. “We're told it's a distraction for the boys...here's my thought, instead of scolding young ladies for yoga pants & shorts-how about we INSTILL some respect in others?? Perhaps the young distracted boys should be taken from class until they can compose themselves & act right instead? Her shorts are not obscene & yoga pants are fine-they are covered up, good lord! let these kids learn & be comfortable. Worry about EDUCATION instead of fashion choices.”

Ludwig’s mother reportedly plans to bring the issue up at the school district’s next Board of Education meeting.

Sources: WKTV, WKTV’s Facebook Page


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