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Students Prank Police Officer, Bring Him To Tears (Video)

Students at Heritage High School in Brentwood, California, played a prank on their favorite campus police officer in order to show their gratitude for everything he does (video below).

The video, made with the help of DUDE. be nice clothing company, features testimonials from students about Officer Mitch, whom they all appreciate for keeping them safe on campus.

“At first, people are a little nervous when they see Officer Mitch. But once you have that first conversation with him you realize he’s just a really cool dude that really wants what’s best for the community,” student Chandler says in the video.

“He’s just like a friend … recently, police officers haven’t been the most popular but Mitch is like the complete opposite,” student Gogo says.

“Most people may feel like they should fear cops but he’s just like that cool person you can talk to,” student Sophie says.

Mitch says in the video that he made two promises to himself when he became a cop: “not to be a jerk and to never let myself get fat.”

He says that he treats students with respect but that they must do the same in return.

Sophie explains in the video that Mitch is involved in “I Can Help,” an organization that aims to delete negativity off of social media. Therefore, the students tricked Mitch into thinking that Sienna, a student he knows well at the school, had a really bad video taken at a party and that it was posted to social media. He is called to the principal’s office to view it.

But, the video he actually sees is a “thank you” from the students for the work he provides -- and it brings him to tears.

“That’s not even fair,” Mitch says jokingly after watching the video.

When Mitch leaves the principal’s office, he finds students are lined up waiting for him. They dress him in a white fur coat with a yellow feather boa and then re-enact the music video for the song “Downtown,” by Macklemore. The song is one of Mitch’s favorites.

“I believe that Mitch is great,” the crowd of students chants.

Mitch received multiple gifts from the students, including baseballs that have thank-you notes written on them, tickets to see the Miami Heat (his favorite basketball team), and a signed Dan Marino jersey from when he played for the Miami Dolphins.

The DUDE. be nice project aims to “inspire people to build a positive community by recognizing a person or group in a fun, creative, and meaningful way.”

Other people who have been featured in the project include a server, teacher, custodian, and school security guards.

Sources: DUDEbenice/YouTubeDUDE. be nice / Photo credit: DUDEbenice/YouTube

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