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Student Brings Prank Gum To School, Accused Of Having 'Weapon'

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An 11-year-old Virginia student was suspended after bringing a "stun weapon" to school.

However, the “weapon” in question is a pack of gum. 

The Hungary Creek Middle School student bought the gum at a novelty store according to NBC. The gum is a prank that gives a light shock to those who try to grab a piece.

"I wouldn't want to depend on that for protection," store manager David Hancock said to NBC. "There is no way you can call that a weapon. I think people have gone absolutely insane in the administration of these kind of policies."

Hancock went on to say “It tingles maybe but is certainly not doing any damage like say a 5 million volt stun-gun would do."

The school said they are looking out for the safety of all students and staff members.

“The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority. Unfortunately, student privacy laws prevent us from making further comment. Please consider that to examine the situation only from the perspective of a single person, without considering others that were involved, would create an incomplete and inaccurate version of events,” school officials said in a statement according to NBC. 

The  Legal Aid Justice Center said it is not shocked by what happened. 

"Locally in Henrico there have been individuals who are really looking at school discipline and trying to move from zero tolerance policies to policies that make common sense," Jeree Thomas with the Legal Aid Justice Center said to NBC. “Very clear language that suspensions should be used as a last resort. We want to use evidence-based interventions."

The gum package does say: "This is not a toy and should not be used on people who are pregnant or who have heart problems."

Source: NBC12

Photo Source: NBC12


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