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Student Brings Nerf Gun to School, Chaos Ensues

A school in the Bronx was put on lockdown after a student brought a Nerf gun to school Tuesday morning. 

An employee heard two students discussing a "weapon" and alerted authorities. Public School 4 was then put on a 75 minute lockdown by authorities. 

Parents panicked and gathered outside the school as word spread. 

"When we showed up, it was pure chaos," Mary Soto said, whose granddaughter Jada Lopez is in kindergarten. 

"There were parents, students, cops everywhere. They had the kids hiding under tables and in closets. The kids were really scared."

Authorities soon discovered that the 12-year-old's gun was a Nerf gun, a popular children's toy that shoots foam bullets. 

Parents were still angry, however, as the school seemed to keep them uninformed about the incident. 

"When I called, they said nothing was going on," Vanessa Sanchez, mother of a first grader, said. "It's just incredible that something like this, whether it's real or not, can happen and there's no system to contact parents."

Her son said his teacher put students in a corner of the class and the students had no idea what was going on. 

The lockdown was lifted after 9:30 am, and parents had the option of taking their children home. 

The boy who brought the gun to the school is not facing charges, but authorities say he may be disciplined by the school.


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