Student Brings Large Arsenal of Weapons to School But Won't Be Charged With Any Crimes

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A student who brought an arsenal of weapons to school in Vermont will not be charged with any crime, police say.

The 17-year-old student at Northwest Technical Center was busted with the weapons after he brought his vehicle to the school to be worked on by other students in a class.

The teacher of that class opened the glove compartment to find a loaded pistol, and he immediately called the police. When police got there and got a warrant to search the boy’s car, they found, in addition to the pistol, a rifle, two shotguns, two knives, two stun guns, a machete, and lots of ammunition.

After going to the state’s attorney for review, it was determined that the student broke no laws and, therefore, charges would not be filed. St. Albans Police Chief Gary Taylor says that even though the boy didn’t break any laws, there is still a lot of concern as to why he had all of those weapons in his car to begin with.

"I can tell you that in this day and age, with the shootings that have occurred across the country, I just don't see any place for firearms, particularly that number of weapons, in one vehicle,” noted Chief Taylor to WCAX. “That doesn't seem to me to be somebody planning on going hunting.”

Even though criminal charges will not be fired, the student will most likely face disciplinary action at school, where possessing a weapon of any kind on grounds is strictly prohibited.

Source: WCAX


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