Student Barred From Walking In Graduation Over Mom's Mistake


Quintin Walker won’t be able to walk in to the graduation ceremonies at Kaufman High School in Kaufman, Texas, with his classmates. His graduation robes and honors cords are wasted because of a single 8-ounce can of Bud Light found in a cooler in the back of his truck.

Walker’s mother, Jarita Marshall, said it’s her fault and claims she forgot to take the beer out after a family trip to the lake. “It was very heart-breaking. He worked really hard and I felt like it was my fault,” she told CBS DFW.

Marshall added: “It’s not right. It’s not fair to him.”

Walker claims he didn’t know about the can of beer. He has been barred from participating in senior activities, including graduation, and was cited for minor consumption. Police reportedly found the beer in a warm cooler among bottles of water and soda.

“I worked 12 years to walk across that stage,” he said.

The Kaufman Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Lori Blaylock said if students are suspended and sent to a disciplinary alternative education program, they cannot participate in school function.

Rusty Evans, Walker’s father, said, “Make a good judgment call. I know that they got rules but it seems like a no-brainer.”

Walker is headed to Stephen F. Austin State University to pursue engineering either way, but he hopes to end this part of his life by walking in graduation. “Twelve years over one 8 ounce beer can. It’s just crazy,” said Walker.

Walker’s classmates will walk, with or without him, on May 22.

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Sources: CBS DFWKaufman Independent School District

Image via CBS DFW


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