Man Showers In Trump Taj Mahal During Fire Sale (Photos)

Man Showers In Trump Taj Mahal During Fire Sale (Photos) Promo Image

A New Jersey man took full advantage of the liquidation sale at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey, July 6, hopping in the shower in one of the suites to test things out.

Dave Cipollini, 22, was touring the sale with his mother when grew tired of sifting through overstuffed chairs, local art and decorative end tables. When he came across the shower in one of the suites they were walking through, Cippolini took advantage.

News crews from NJTV were alerted to a man showering in one of the suites and promptly went to see what the deal was. One of the newscasters asked Cippolini what, exactly, he was doing.

"I’m taking a shower. It’s a liquidation sale, they’re giving us a sample so I wanted to see how the shower was. Maybe I could get a free shower,” Cipollini explained. When pressed further by the Ocean City Patch, he said he just "wanted to get clean."

Not all was ironed out before Cipollini's rinse, however. He had to ask the news crew if they had any shampoo or soap. Oh, and a towel if they could spare it.

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Cipollini's mother wasn't entirely thrilled with his stunt, as she had to run out to grab spare pillowcases for her son to dry off with. She also demanded that he clean up his shower puddles before leaving. Other than his mother, though, Cipollini said nobody really cared.

"There was really no security," he said. "It was kind of a madhouse in there. There were people trying to get stuff really fast, so they didn’t really care about me showering."

But deep down, Cipollini had a larger motive than just getting clean. While attending a Blues Traveler concert at the hotel a few years ago, he explained, he had tried to jump onstage and was promptly thrown out. As a security guard dragged him out to an alley behind the hotel, he was ordered to "never come back" and was warned about some facial recognition software.

Cipollini said he was "really happy to be back" in the Trump Taj Mahal, which was recently sold to the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel.

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"I definitely got some revenge today," he said. He did say he had one regret, though: not getting in the tub in the other side of the suite.

Former owner Donald Trump opened the Trump Taj Mahal in 1997, proclaiming it to be the eighth wonder of the world, according to NJTV. Trump lost control of the casino and hotel in 2004, ceding it to billionaire Carl Icahn; Icahn then sold the property to the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel.

The liquidation sale offered nearly everything that wasn't nailed down. Beds went for $90 each, and lamps for as little as $12.

Sources: NJTV, Ocean City Patch / Photo credit: NJTV via Ocean City Patch, Dave Cipollini via Ocean City Patch, Shinya Suzuki/Flickr

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