Watch This Boy With Autism Stand Up To His Bullies (Video)


The Bully Project is a social action campaign dedicated to furthering the anti-bullying causes outlined in the 2011 documentary film Bully. The campaign’s primary mission is to change the culture of American schools in order to make them more supportive of all individuals.

The creators of The Bully Project continue to film short sequences at films throughout the U.S., and their latest clip depicts a brave speech given by a child with autism.

The student, named Jake, was given a platform to stand up and speak his mind as his fellow classmates watched and listened from the sidelines of the school gym. 

“I don’t think you guys see me for me, I just think you guys see me as a big target, because you guys are always leaving me out of stuff,” Jake begins his speech, which ends with an earnest declaration that he wants to be friends with his classmates despite their repeated denial of him. It's a heartwarming clip, and it demonstrates how bold an individual must be to speak out against those that bully him or her. 

According to the Upworthy, Jake’s live has improved since the short clip was captured. 

“Bullying has had a big impact on my life, but since the movie I’ve made a lot of friends. Recently, I have joined my high school football team! At first I thought they would all be complete jerks, but actually they are pretty cool guys and have helped me through a lot of situations — they stand up for me!” Jake said. 


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