Student Attacked During School Meeting About Bullying


At a school meeting in Philadelphia that was called to discuss bullying, a student punched another student in the face seven times. In response to the incident, Faruq Robinson has sued the School District of Philadelphia, the School Reform Commission, school principal Annette Gittleman and five other employees, according to Courthouse News. Robinson’s suit is on behalf of his young daughter, Iamani Batista. 

Batista has allegedly been bullied since 2011 by a student named Avery Brooks. Brooks was reportedly "kicking, stalking and intimidating" Batista with regularity, leading to a complaint being filed. When a meeting was finally called to address the issue, Brooks attacked Batista.

The official legal complaint states the following: “During the meeting, Avery Brooks was becoming visibly agitated while her behavior was being discussed - shortly thereafter, she got up and went to Imani Batista, and punched her in the head and face approximately seven times; none of the defendants, who were sitting near and next to Avery Brooks, did anything to restrain her prior to or during the attack; defendants had a duty to protect Imani Batista at all times during the meeting, including before the attack and during the attack, by restraining Avery Brooks, as soon as she stood up and approached Imani Batista, rather they sat and viewed Avery Brooks repeatedly punch Imani Batista in her head and face, leaving only her mother to attempt to physically stop the attack.”

October was the School District of Philadelphia’s Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, during which it held numerous events to expose the issue.


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