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NJ Teacher Sent To Hospital After Student Reportedly Spikes Her Iced Coffee With Eye Drops

A New Jersey teacher was sent to the hospital on April 28 after taking a sip from her iced coffee. She claims a student spiked the drink with eye drops.

Reports say that Kelly Grosse, a teacher at Central Regional High School in Bayville, New Jersey, suddenly experienced symptoms that alarmed her. It was later discovered that one of her students put eye drops in her drink, and reports note that saline drops like the ones used could have devastating effects if ingested, including vomiting, nausea, lethargy, difficulty breathing and potentially coma.

“I don’t really think she did anything to deserve this,” Tom Grosse, Kelly’s husband, told CBS New York. “Of course the whole thing is pretty upsetting to my wife. We were at the hospital for a few hours.”

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Students at Central Regional High School were just as shocked to hear that one of their own would do something to their teacher.

“From what I understand he was just trying to pull a prank, but you should be careful with such things,” Thomas Dono, 15, told CBS. “She could have been seriously hurt.”

Administration says the student is suspended pending further investigation.

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“He’s suspended until a board hearing and once the hearing is completed, they’ll determine what happens to the student,” Superintendent Dr. Triantafillo Parlapanides said.

Tom Grosse says his wife is still in shock over what happened.

"She was so upset yesterday, and it wasn't just because her stomach hurt," said Grosse, according to USA Today. "She loves those kids so much, and she was so upset that this happened."

The student was arrested and has been charged with aggravated assault on a school board member. He has been released to his parents pending juvenile court proceedings.

Sources: CBS New York, USA Today

Photo Sources: Screen Captures Via CBS New York, theimpulsivebuy via Flickr


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