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High Schooler Allegedly Pees In Teacher's Water Cup

A Texas teenager faces felony charges after he allegedly urinated in a teacher's drinking water.

The incident took place in April when a teacher at Moody High School in Moody, Texas, asked a student to fill her water cup at a drinking fountain in the hallway, according to KMOV. The student reportedly went to the bathroom, and handed the cup to another student.

The student who had been asked to fill the cup said that he didn't see what the other student did while he had the cup.

The second student took the pink Yeti cup back to the teacher, and reportedly asked her about "how far she would go and what she would drink if she was out somewhere trying to survive," according to Police Chief Roger Kennedy. When the teacher took a sip from the cup, she said the water tasted strange.

"Any type of bodily fluids thrown on a public servant is harassment, it's a felony three," Kennedy said. The 16-year-old student who allegedly peed in the cup faces charges of harassment of a public servant, assault on a public servant and obstruction/retaliation.

The school's principal reportedly reviewed security video and statements from other students before notifying police, who detained the student on April 24. According to police, too much time had passed, so tests failed to prove whether there had been urine in the cup.

"Unfortunately students will make poor decisions at times," said Superintendent Gary Martel. "These poor choices sometimes occur within our schools. They are considered as a joke, dare or something funny etc."

"The district cannot keep all poor decisions from happening on our campuses," Martel added, "but we will follow district policy so there are consequences and punitive results for those who choose to make bad decisions at school."

In a similar story earlier in April, a North Carolina middle school teacher was hospitalized after a student allegedly placed a cleaning product into his soda, The Blaze reports.

While the cleaning solution was reportedly later determined to be nontoxic, East Lee Middle School science teacher Jeffrey Jennings' wife said her husband became nauseated and had a headache after he drank the soda the student had reportedly tampered with.

"The headache and the nauseousness was the worst thing," said Marie Jennings, who added that "later that evening, he had the abdominal pain, which he ended up at Moore Regional [Hospital] the next day for."

According to Marie, another teacher told Jeffrey that a student had put dry-erase board cleaner into his drink while he wasn't looking.

"They had actually taken it off the desk, opened the cap, poured the Expo cleaner, put the cap back on and put it back on his desk," said Marie. "He has to go back and face these kids every day."

"Is someone else going to try and do this to him? Is he going to be the teacher that, 'Oh, nothing happens when you mess with him, so pretty much do what you want?' That worries me," Marie added.

Officials from the school said that "the district takes this incident very seriously," and that they were continuing to investigate.

Sources: KMOV, The Blaze / Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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