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Student, 23, Had Her Throat Slit As She Sat In Her Car

Student, 23, Had Her Throat Slit As She Sat In Her Car Promo Image

An English man has been charged with slashing the throat of his girlfriend as she sat inside her car in a busy parking lot. 

On June 30, a number of witnesses saw Molly McLaren, 23, screaming for help as she was attacked with a knife, according to the Daily Mail. McLaren is a student at the University of Kent and was parked outside a local outlet center at the time of the attack.

Witnesses say that McLaren was sitting in the passenger seat of her black Citroen C1 at around 11 a.m. Her attacker trapped her within the vehicle and slashed her throat as she screamed and blared the car horn for help.

One passerby blocked the vehicle's exit so the attacker couldn't escape. Most, however, watched the scene unfold from a distance.

"He was in a bit of state so people didn't want to approach him," one person said.

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Another witness described the ordeal.

"Just pulling into Dockside Chatham, 10 police cars race past with flashing lights, as I've locked the door I hear shouting and commotion," one unnamed witness told the London Evening Standard. "The next bay opposite to me there's a man covered in blood being restrained by officers."

Police officials say that she died on scene from her injuries.

According to the Mail, her boyfriend, 25-year-old Joshua Stimpson, was arrested on the scene for suspicion of murder. Later, he was officially charged with homicide.

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McLaren was studying Sport and Exercise for Health at the University of Kent and worked as a dog walker and bar tender to help fund her studies.

McLaren also created a series of blogs to help combat societal stigma against mental health, writing that her career goal was to "provide support, advice and inspiration regarding health, wellness and fitness with my developing knowledge."

Her next of kin has been informed of the situation and was too distraught to comment. One cousin, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity, said: "Me and my sister are really upset. We are in shock at the moment. The whole family is.

"My cousin has just been murdered and we're still trying to process it."

A spokesperson for the University of Kent has acknowledged the loss and has released a statement encouraging students to see any mental health professionals if necessary.

"The University of Kent offers its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Molly McLaren following her sudden death yesterday. She was a popular student in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Fellow students and staff are being offered any counseling they require at this difficult time."

Stimpson remains in custody and is expected to appear before the Magistrates' Court on June 30.

Sources: Daily Mail, London Evening Standard / Photo credit: Aranami/FlickrKent Police via Daily Mail, Molly McLaren/Facebook via Daily Mail

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