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Student, 13, Tells Kids They Can Refuse Common Core Test, Gets Suspended by School

Eighth-grader Seirra Olivero says she was suspended from Orange-Ulster BOCES school in Goshen, N.Y. because she told other students that they didn't have to take the Common Core English test.

The incident reportedly happened last Tuesday. The 13 year old was suspended for two days.

"She walked away!" Olivero's mother Carin Beauchesne told "She felt she was being treated like a criminal. She's a 13-year-old girl. What would you do?"

Orange-Ulster BOCES's superintendent William Hecht said Olivero's complaint was being taken seriously and students should not be disciplined for refusing a Common Core test.

Hecht claims Olivero was suspended for refusing to obey the school's administrators.

Olivero recalled her meeting with the  principal who asked why she told other kids not to take the test: "I replied and said, 'I did some research and it said they don't have to.'"

When Olivero asked to call her mother, the principal refused.

"Then [the principal] started to ask other questions and that's when she started to interrogate me and I felt like I was being treated like a criminal," added Olivero.

Olivero said she left the principal's office, slammed the door behind her and refused to stop when a school administrator called to her.

Olivero claims the administrator told her, "I had no business telling the kids that they don't have to take the test and if I wanted to tell them I [could] out of school."

"Then I said, 'I can tell them whatever I want [and] to mind his business' and he said 'No, it is his business,'" recalled Olivero.

It's not clear, however, what exactly Olivero objected to on the Common Core test, which has been demonized by the home schooling industry and conservatives, reported

Fox News reports that mom Heidi Indilecato recently pulled her fourth-grade son out of a Common Core testing in Lancaster, N.Y.

“We respectfully refuse to participate in the test,” Indelicato told her son's teacher.

While other kids took the test, Indelicato and her son Benjamin wore T-shirts that read: "Keep calm and and refuse the NYS tests."

“The children should not be punished because of our fundamental right to want what’s best for their educational development,” Indelicato told Fox News. “I feel that the district is trying to use the powers of persuasion to get parents to have their kids participate in the testing.”

However, Indelicato did not say exactly why she opposes Common Core testing.

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