Struggling Family Gets 'Help Not Handcuffs' From One Texas Police Department

Help instead of handcuffs. That is what officials in Carrollton, Texas, are saying one young family got from city police officers Friday night. 

The family, who has asked not to be identified, had just moved to the Texas town from Missouri and had not yet found a place to live. 

Officers first contacted the family while investigating a suspicious car in a closed city park on Friday night. 

In the car they found the couple sleeping with their young daughter. 

The couple told the officers they had just moved to the area from out of town and didn’t yet have a place to live. 

The officers then arranged to get the family a hotel room and a few other necessities. 

The act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed by the officers’ coworkers. After their shift had ended, a city employee posted a brief description of the story to the Carrollton Police Facebook page. 

“They don't want credit/attention, but our D shift officers are at home asleep right now and can't stop us from posting!” the post read.

“Kudos to the Officer who spotted a car parked at a city park after hours overnight,” the post continued. “It turned out to be an employed, but temporarily homeless young couple and their one-year-old daughter. Our Officer determined they needed help, not handcuffs. Officers and our Victim Advocate Manager got them a hotel room for the night and the support they need to get through a tough time.”

All the officers involved have requested they not be identified. 

“They're not in this line of work for the attention or for the praise or for the glory,” said Jolene DeVito, a city spokeswoman, in a brief interview with KDFW News.

DeVito said the Facebook post prompted an outpouring of support from the local community. People from throughout the city have now come to the police department to donate food, clothes, housewares and gift cards.

"We have all kinds of set up for this little girl, all kinds of clothes and diapers, dishes we have housewares, all the things they are going to need to get set up,” DeVito said.

She added that the family, while at first reluctant to accept help, is grateful to have moved to such a welcoming community. 

Sources: Facebook: Carrollton PoliceKDFW News

Photo Credit: Facebook: Carrollton Police, Fox 4 News


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