Business Owner Whose Wife Is Battling Cancer Receives Donation From Generous Customer (Video)


A Spokane, Washington coffee shop owner says he was shocked and humbled after a patron did an extraordinary thing to help him and his business during a difficult time.

Isaiah Crandall, owner of Luxe Coffee Shop, has been in financial distress since his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. Crandall says that there have been multiple times he was forced to close the shop because he couldn’t afford to both keep it open and pay for his wife’s medical bills.

Unbeknownst to Crandall, someone he believed was just an average customer turned out to be a generous donor who had heard about the business owner’s struggles from a friend.

Kevin Finch, creator of the charity Big Table, knew that he had to help Crandall in some way. Big Table aims to help people in the customer service industry who are going through difficult times.

"I said we wanted to help in some way with some of the extra expenses,” said Finch to KREM. “Planned to come in when I knew he was working, ordered a grilled cheese sandwich, and left the tip. It was a $500 tip."

Crandall says he was shocked by the random act of generosity, and has decided to use some of the money to pay for one of his wife’s treatment.

“When something like that comes around, it’s absolutely appreciated,” said Crandall. “I can’t say enough for people going through what we are, how big things like that are for them.”


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