Stripper-Reporter Sarah Tressler Now Claims to be a Victim of Gender Discrimination

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Sarah Tressler, 30, was recently fired from her full-time newspaper reporter job at the Houston Chronicle after it came out that she previously worked as a part-time stripper. The newspaper’s justification for terminating their Texas high society scribe was that she didn’t disclose her other occupation on her original job application.

Now Tressler is claiming that she’s a victim of gender discrimination.

Despite the fact that she has already found work with another Texas publication, Tressler filed a complaint this week demanding that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission look into her previous employer and their reasons for giving her the boot.

"I was very upset that I was fired, because I had been told by many editors that I was doing a good job," Tressler said (via CNN).

She continues to maintain that her other profession was nothing more than a classic case of a young girl doing what she needed to do in order to pay for college.

"Sometimes I would just go in for three hours at a time to get a workout in because stage rotation, if you're doing it in 7-inch heels, is a really good way to get a workout in," Tressler said. "And I didn't have a gym membership. So, on days off I might just go in there in the afternoon and do a couple stage rotations and knock it out.

"Some young women will use dancing as a way to make ends meet while they study to prepare for the career that they hope to be able to have for the rest of their lives," Tressler said. "These women should not have to live in fear that once they acquire a position in the career that they have worked hard to achieve, that their past work experience as a dancer will jeopardize that position."

A familiar face is guiding Tressler through her current situation. That’s right, the one, the only – Gloria Allred.

"Most exotic dancers are female, and therefore to terminate an employee because they had previously been an exotic dancer would have an adverse impact on women, since it is a female-dominated occupation," Allred said (via CNN).

The bottom line here is that, for whatever reason, Tressler lied on her original employment application. That by itself was cause enough for her to bosses to fire her. Whether or not they actually fired her for some other reason doesn’t even matter; nobody can prove their motivations, either way. She gave them the grounds for termination by fibbing in the first place, and it’s hard to envision a court of law ruling in her favor for that alone. 

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