'I Have To Get On Stage': Stripper Says To Cop Calling About Her Missing Daughter

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A stripper in Florida hung up the phone on a police officer who was helping to search for her missing 10-year-old daughter because she had to “get onstage,” reports Daily News.

Bobbey Jo Boucher, 29, was charged Wednesday with obstructing the investigation after she allegedly refused to cooperate with police because her job as a stripper at Calendar Girls came first. Her daughter was reported missing four hours before the call, after Boucher reportedly dropped her off at a barbecue on her way to the strip joint. The child’s grandmother contacted police after her granddaughter failed to come home for dinner.

When a detective called Boucher’s cellphone to get more information about her daughter, the mom reportedly admitted she was the last to see her, but wouldn’t provide additional details, stating instead: “I have to get on stage,” according to police.

There is some confusion over whether the woman hung up the phone on the officer or if she answered a call on the other line and lost him, as she claims.

The good news here is that the young girl was safely found a few hours later. Boucher, however, was booked into Pasco County jail. She was released from custody after posting $663 bond, reports The Smoking Gun.

Source: Daily News, The Smoking Gun

Photo Credit: Pasco County Jail


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