Stray Dog Is Rescued After Photo Goes Viral (Video)


The heartbreaking story of a homeless dog rescued has gone viral (video below).

Photos of Pumpkin, the injured and abused dog, first went viral after a Facebook user posted one and made fun of the animal's condition. 

“Lol ... only in [3rd ward] I see a burned up dog,” the user wrote of Pumpkin, spotted wandering the streets. The photos quickly went viral, with others becoming concerned for the dog’s safety. A video uploaded to YouTube subsequently revealed Pumpkin’s condition.

“Pumpkin was standing in the road. She had chemical burns all over her little body,” the video read. “She had been shot with a BB pellet gun.”

“What the picture didn’t show was that Pumpkin was not alone. She had a puppy who was found covered in fleas, unweaned and struggling to stay alive.”

According to the video, doctors fought for days to keep both Pumpkin and her baby alive. The baby tragically died, but Pumpkin was able to be saved.

Pumpkin was taken in at Corridor Rescue and rehabilitated, and six weeks later looked healthy and happy. She made friends at the animal shelter, especially with a dog named Sheila who was rescued from doggy death row in Houston, Texas.

Pawsitively Texas obtained the heartbreaking photo of Pumpkin and immediately knew where the precious dog should go. 

Patty of Austin Pets Alive posted the image on the Pawsitively Texas page; my response was, “contact Corridor Rescue, Inc. and Barrio Dogs!” These two wonderful groups are working so hard to stop the abuse cycle and rescue the innocent victims of such unthinkable horrors in their community, Houston, Texas. I’m not sure who actually got the message to CRI, but the good news is, we have a gift in social media that enables us to share a pet’s need in real time and find the help that is needed! CRI was able to find and save this oh so precious dog!

“A wonderful woman named Ayesha Mohiuddin is responsible for getting Pumpkin off the streets. Here’s Pumpkin beginning her new life’s journey in Ayesha’s car before getting to the vet,” Deborah Hoffman, founder of Corridor Rescue, told Pawsitively Texas.

Watch the heartbreaking story of Pumpkin below.

Sources: Kelly Williams/YouTube, Pawsitively Texas / Photo credit: Kelly Williams/YouTube

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