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Stray Dogs Attend Funeral Of Woman Who Fed Them On The Street (Photos)


Stray dogs in Mexico attended the funeral of a woman who would often visit them on the streets and feed them.

Margarita Suarez, from Merida, Mexico, made just enough of a living to support herself, but every morning she took care of 20 stray animals who came to her for food. Whenever she went out to do something, the caring woman would bring dog food along and feed stray dogs on the street, Life With Dogs reports.

Suarez relocated to Cuernavaca in March for health reasons and maintained her daily routine of helping and feeding stray animals. Her health tragically got worse as the month went on, and she passed away.

At her funeral on March 15, Suarez’s daughter, Patricia Urrutia, said she began noticing dogs arriving to the funeral home. The young woman initially assumed that they were local dogs who were typically welcomed in by the funeral home’s staff, before realizing that the dogs kept making their way to the room where her mother’s body was resting. According to Urrutia, none of the workers at the home had ever seen the dogs before.

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The stray dogs reportedly followed as Suarez’s body was transported to a nearby church, and even returned to the funeral home when the body returned after the church services. Urrutia told Life With Dogs that she believes the dogs were ones who had been cared for by her mother before her death. The dogs, according to Urrutia, came to pay their respects. They left when Suarez’s body began being prepared for cremation.

Urrutia and other family members were not able to figure out how the dogs knew of Suarez’s death or where to find her.

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