Stray Dog Runs 1,000 Miles in China to Stay with Cyclists

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In an ultimate display of loyalty for a simple act of kindness, a small white terrier ran 24 days and 1,100 miles to stay with cyclists who gave her food and water when she was tired and hungry on Highway G318 in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, Sichuan Province.

The first cyclist who compassionately fed the little stray was 22-year-old Zhang Heng, a student in Wuhan, Hubei province.He had decided to cycle to Llasa as a graduation trip with friends when he saw the lonely little dog, reportsChina Daily. He was surprised to find her following him when the group took off.

He called her “Little Sa” (Xiao Sa) by combining xiao meaning 'little' with the last syllable of Lhasa. He said that at first they thought the small dog was running after them in fun but she never left them day or night, so they decided to bring her along for the entire ride.

During their journey, the team covered 1,138 miles and climbed 10 mountains higher than 13,000 feet elevation.“Little Sa” just kept running up the mountains and along dirt roads as one of the team, he toldChina Daily.

When they were riding downhill, where they reached speeds of up to 43 miles per hour, Zhang put her on the back of his bike so that she would not be left behind or get hurt.

The little homeless dog then made a new friend, Wang Penghao, 24, from Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan province, who also made sure she had food and water. 'She followed us...running behind our team but sometimes leading us. She's very smart and knows the route, because she never got lost even when we passed through mountain.”

Little Sa has now become a celebrity in China, with a micro-blog recording her travels and within two weeks she has won the hearts of more than 37,000 followers.When a photo of Little Sa in the arms of one of the team cyclists standing in front of Llasa’s Potala Palace was posted, 4,000 comments congratulated her on just Thursday night.

'We thought the dog was encouraging us, and wanted others to know its story,' Heng told theChina Daily.

Zhang Heng, called her 'a buddy and a friend. 'I would like to take the dog home and take care of her. She has been a stray on the road for a long time. She needs a home,” he said.


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