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Stray Bullet From Washington State Gun Range Strikes Nearby Home (VIDEO)

Local residents of a Washington State town are growing concerned after a stray bullet from a nearby gun club went whistling through their home. In order to alert their neighbors about what had happened, the couple whose home was struck printed up a flyer with a photo of where the bullet left holes in their kitchen and bedroom.

Inhabitants of the neighborhood in Machias, Wash., are worried about a stray shot hitting a child, KOMO News reported.

"This is a threat to a lot of homeowners and a lot of families," said neighbor Sarah Doty.

Doty is worried that her home might be next to get hit.

"Just thinking about the fact that this could be any of our home,. Any of our kids, any of our pets, loved ones, it's a scary thing," Doty said.

Officials from the rifle range say that people shoot on their own land outside the range and that is where the bullet could have originated from. The gun range has been in the area for 50 years, whereas the homes are less than 5 years old.

Doty hopes that some changes are put in place to prevent stray bullets.

"So we can all share the neighborhood and make it safe for them and our families," she said.

A video about the story is below:

Sources: KOMO NewsThe Newz


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