Stranger Posts $15K Bail After Witnessing Brutal Baltimore Arrest

A Baltimore woman posted a $15,000 cash bail for a complete stranger after she witnessed his brutal arrest in April, calling it "one of the worst things I've ever seen."

“I’ve been terribly upset about this,” Jennifer Bartley told Fox Baltimore. “I’m not going to live in a city where we’re going to treat our youth like this. So I’ve just had enough.”

Calvin Wilkes, 25, was arrested on April 19 after he and two friends caused a disturbance at an Inner Harbor mall. Wilkes, described by those who know him as a “tireless advocate for homeless youth,” was Tasered and beaten outside Light Street pavilion. His friend was also bloodied from the struggle.

A cash bail provision imposed on Wilkes threatened to keep the social worker in jail indefinitely until Bartley came to his aid.

“I feel like this young man has gotten incredibly unfair treatment,” she said. “I feel like it’s one more way the police are crossing their boundaries. If they think people can’t come up with $15,000 cash bail to release someone from jail, they’re wrong. People like me are going to be outraged.”

She met Wilkes for the first time in northeast Baltimore after he was released. She said he was very grateful and she appreciated that.

The 25-year-old volunteers at “Yes Drop In” youth homeless center and also works at McDonald’s while taking classes at the Community College of Baltimore City.

Court officials would not tell Fox News what prompted the bail restriction or why co-defendants were already released on their own recognizance.

Sources: Fox Baltimore (2)


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