Single Mother Shocked After Stranger Shows Up At Her Doorstep, Hands Her $119,000 For Life-Saving Treatment


Canadian mother Stephanie Headley said she collapsed on the ground in shock after a stranger knocked on her door and presented her with a $119,000 check to undergo a life-saving surgery.

Twelve years ago, the single mother was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma, a serious autoimmune disease that causes her skin, arteries, veins and internal organs to harden. Since her diagnosis, Headley's condition has deteriorated and she now requires powerful painkillers every two hours.

The 48-year-old found hope when she discovered a Chicago hospital that offered stem cell therapy, but the $125,000 price tag for the procedure led the family to start an online fundraiser. 

On July 3, a stranger arrived at Headley's house to put the family's money problems to rest.

When Headley opened the door, she saw a man wearing a zipped hoodie, big sunglasses and a cap. He simply handed her an envelope and turned to leave.

"Just as he turned to leave, I said: 'God bless you,' and he smiled - a big smile - and then he turned around and left," Headley recalled.

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When Headley opened the envelope, she found a check written for $119,000.

"I just started crying," she said. "I dropped to the floor, and I dropped my [oxygen] tank and I just collapsed."

Headley now has an appointment set for September 22 to begin the stem cell therapy. 

The identity of her benefactor is still unknown.

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Sources: The Blaze, CTV News


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