Stranger Buys Single Mother Of Three A New Car (Video)

A single mother of three in Asheville, North Carolina, was struggling to pay her bills and get to work — but a stranger made things a little sweeter by purchasing her a new car. 

Connie Cole, who works at a sub shop, says she has been "praying for a miracle" to help her support her children, reports ABC 13. Times have been tough, she says, particularly since her father has had to drive her everywhere and he just had knee surgery. 

Cole called Carolina Auto Sales in Black Mountain on Tuesday to ask whether the dealership had a car in her price range. Unbeknownst to her, a stranger overheard her request over speakerphone and felt compelled to help her. 

"And he said there was something in my voice," Cole said. "The Lord was telling him to help me."

Wesley Gurley, the owner of the car lot, says the man, who is simply known as "David," immediately expressed interest in helping Cole. "He said if she comes in, call me. I'm gonna pray on this. If the Lord wants me to do something, I may buy her that car," Wesley said. "And we were pretty shell schocked over it."

Cole was interested in a 2004 Chevy Impala. The dealership offered to sell the car at cost. Cole's father gave her an $800 down payment and the stranger made the deal possibly for contributing $2,200. 

"I thanked him several times and I cried," Cole said. "I was speechless. I'll never forget him. To me that just means the Lord is out there." 

The story calls to mind a similar one in which a stranger reportedly bid on the police squad car used by Sam Brownlee, an officer killed in the line of duty in Colorado, reports Jalopnik. After winning the Dodge Charger, he handed over the keys to the officer's teenage son. 

Sources: ABC 13, Jalopnik/Photo Credit: YouTube.com


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