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Stranger Bravely Stops Sexual Assault On Colorado College Campus (Video)

Police at the University of Colorado Boulder say a Good Samaritan was able to stop an early morning sexual assault on campus this weekend.

According to reports, Andrew Bryant Souser was arrested after attempting to sexually assault a woman early Saturday morning. The victim says she was followed onto campus around two in the morning, when Souser tried to assault her. The suspect reportedly told her that he was going to rape her, and after she screamed, a passerby heard and ran to help.

When the Good Samaritan intervened, Souser wound up fleeing the area. After the victim gave police a description of the assailant, saying that he appeared to be “a transient,” officers eventually apprehended him.

During their search for the suspect, police learned that a second woman had a similar encounter with Souser about an hour after the first assault attempt.

Now, police say they are trying to locate the Good Samaritan and are asking for help identifying any other potential victims.

“This person interceded in the assault, and escorted the victim back to her residence, and we basically lost contact," said CU Police Deputy Chief Ken Koch. "We are desperately trying to interview that individual because we need to interview them related to what they saw. We do believe there's a possibility of other witnesses or victims just based on the course of events that our suspect is known to have taken part in.”

Souser was booked at Boulder County Jail, and police believe he acted alone.

Sources: 9 News, The Daily Camera / Photo Sources: Wikimedia Commons, Flickr


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