Stranger's Kind Note To Mom Goes Viral (Photos)

Stranger's Kind Note To Mom Goes Viral (Photos) Promo Image

An Alabama woman's day took a heartwarming turn when she received a kind note from a stranger.

Melissa Simms was taking her sick son to the doctor's office in October 2015, but she reportedly only had $10 in her purse and was having a problem paying the expensive doctor's bill, according to Woman's Day.

A woman she didn't know then handed an envelope to Melissa's son.

When the mom opened the envelope, she found a $100 bill and a heartfelt note inside.

"I've had days like you are having," read the stranger's message. "Hang in there. Joshua 1:9."

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The Bible verse that the woman referenced reads: "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discourage, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

Melissa shared the message on Facebook, Metro reports, promising to "pay it forward."

"I was having one of those days where it just seemed everything was going wrong," said Melissa in her post, calling the woman who helped her an "early angel."

"This made my whole entire day THANK YOU and I will pay it forward," wrote Melissa. "I have read about these random acts of kindness, but this is the first time I have ever experienced it first hand! Just thought maybe this could cheer up someone's day as much as it has mine!"

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Melissa also said she hoped she could find the good Samaritan: "Hopefully I will get to find this wonderful woman and tell her thank you in person!"

"All day, I was stressed about how I'm going to make supper for my kids," said an emotional Melissa, according to Fox News. "After I received that generous offer, finally I was able to ... [give] my kids supper. Thank you so much."

In September 2017, a Texas waitress performed a similar act of kindness when she offered a $100 tip to a family that was affected by Hurricane Harvey, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Carlos Sepeda Jr. and his family had to evacuate from their home in Houston to Fairfield because of the hurricane. While they were eating at a restaurant called Sam's, their waitress learned about the family's story and gave them a folded-up piece of paper as they left.

"This isn't much compared to your loss," read the note. "Buy yourself something special - my prayers are with you."

Sepeda said that his family didn't look inside the paper until they went out to the parking lot. When they came back inside to tell the waitress they couldn't accept it, she refused to take the money back, saying she had prayed on it. She also offered to give them a table and chairs if they needed them.

"This is what Texas pride is made of," said Sepeda of the random act of kindness.

Sources: Woman's Day, Fox News, Metro, Houston Chronicle / Featured Image: Laura Bernhardt/Flickr / Embedded Images: Melissa Simms/Facebook via Metro

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