Possible UFO Spotted Above Gateway Arch (Video)


Chase Rhoads, a cleaning consultant working at a St. Louis, Missouri, casino, filmed a flashing white object in the sky an estimated 200 feet above the famous Gateway Arch (video below).

Rhoads, who has been working at the casino for a little more than a month, goes outside to smoke a cigarette on his break every night, and has never seen that flashing light before, he told KTVI.

“I’m not a big UFO person,” Rhoads said, adding that he can’t explain the object he saw on Aug. 2.

He said, “It didn’t fly over, it just appeared.”

When asked if what he saw was the light that sits atop the Gateway Arch, he replied, “The light on top is red, and it doesn’t flash.”

Rhoads is not the only one who captured the mysterious object on video. A surveillance camera from Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park also recorded it, and subsequently posted the video on its Facebook page, UPI reports.

“We guarantee you will be perplexed if you watch all 5 minutes of this surveillance footage!” the Aug. 3 post reads.

Neither the National Park Service nor the nearby Scott Air Force Base reported anything unusual in the sky that night, notes KTVI.

However, most of the strange objects people see in the sky are actually identifiable, EarthSky experts say. Rocket launchers, atmospheric balloons, earth-orbiting satellites, Chinese lanterns, bright meteors, "moving stars" and contrails from jet aircraft are objects most commonly mistaken for UFOs.

Venus is allegedly the all-time most reported UFO.

Sources: KTVI, UPI, EarthSky / Photo Credit: Chase Rhoads/YouTube

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