Strange 'Alien' Mushroom Discovered In Grassy Area (Photos)


A man walking in England's New Forest stumbled upon a strange orb that quickly started to come alive -- bursting and morphing into something even more bizarre than the sac it began as.

The strange, foul-smelling sac is called a Clathrus archeri fungus — also known as the octopus stinkhorn, phalloid fungus and devil’s fingers. What begins as a sac soon bursts into an odd-looking mushroom.

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The fungus is native to New Zealand and Australia, and includes four red tentacles covered in a brown, foul-smelling substance called “globe,” which attracts flies. 

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Unlike other mushrooms, the Clathrus archeri fungus isn’t toxic. It is an edible fungus that is considered a delicacy in some countries. 

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Would you eat something as bizarre-looking as this odd mushroom?

Sources: Metro, Mad World News / Photo credit: Metro, Mad World News

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