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Stowaway Cat Survives 3-Week, 6,400-Mile Trip in Freight Container on Boat from Phillipines to Los Angeles (Video)

An inquisitive orange tabby cat miraculously survived a 6,400-mile, three-week long boat trip from the Philippines while locked in a storage container without food and water.

Pinay, as she is now called, was discovered by business owners who were surprised to find the weak and frail cat inside a freight container they were unpacking on July 16.

The container arrived in Los Angeles aboard a ship coming from Manila, and Pinay had apparently had no food or water for the entire trip.

The veterinary staff at the Los Angeles County Baldwin Park Animal Care Center named the thin, dehydrated kitty, Pinay, which is a common name for a female Filipino. They estimate that she is about four years old.

They nursed Pinay back to health, according to a statement by Marcia Mayeda, DACC's director.

"She has been closely monitored and cared for by our medical team and is getting stronger and putting on weight," she said. "We will continue to provide the best care for Pinay until we can find her a home with someone with considerable experience dealing with skittish cats.”

Pinay has been through a lot and needs a calm, loving, committed individual or family to trust and depend on in order to transition to a normal life after her long, scary journey.

Just one year ago, in July 2012, Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control helped another stowaway survive a 6,500-mile, two-week trip from Shanghai, China, to Compton, Calif. They named the 3-month-old male kitten, Ni Hao. After a 60-day quarantine, Ni Hao was adopted by a loving family chosen from many applicants.

Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control now hopes to find an equally wonderful home for Pinay.

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Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control:

Sources: SGV Tribune


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