Are Teens Really Getting High Off Bedbugs? (Video)


You may have stumbled across a video in recent days showing the newest drug fad allegedly sweeping the nation: smoking bed bugs. If you happened to see the footage, know this: it’s completely fake.

As dumb as people may be, we haven’t stooped to the level of smoking bed bugs. Not yet, at least.

LiveLeaks posted a video on April 7th titled “Smoking Bed Bugs to get HIGH” that has garnered over 121,150 views over the past week. But, as the Phoenix New Times writes, the story is a complete hoax.

To create the hoax, a savvy anonymous video editor spliced together footage from an ABC 15 story about hash with a voice over talking about bed bugs. The footage contains commentary from users allegedly talking about the high they get from smoking bugs, when in reality the interviewees are discussing the feeling of being high on hash.

As Snopes reports, the “story was just a hoax, an April Fool's Day prank based on an altered version of a real KNXV-TV report from several months earlier on the dangers of dabbing (i.e., inhaling butane-extracted hash oil, also known as BHO).”

If you have an interest in seeing the faux drug report in full, here it is:

Sources: Snopes, Phoenix New Times


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