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Report: Story Of Young Girl Getting Thrown Out Of KFC Never Actually Happened

Earlier this month, Opposing Views told you about the little girl who was reportedly thrown out of a KFC restaurant because people were disturbed by the facial scars she had after being mauled by three dogs. After the story went viral, tons of people stood up for the three-year-old girl, and the family wound up receiving help in the form of money and gifts. Now, reports claim that the story was entirely made up, and angry people are looking for answers.

Three-year-old Victoria Wilcher was reportedly told to leave the KFC restaurant where she was eating with her grandmother because the scars on her face made other customers feel uncomfortable.

"The right side of her face is paralyzed. She's got a lot of surgeries to go through and she won't even look in the mirror anymore," said Kerry Mullins, Wilcher’s grandmother. “She was on a feeding tube at the time, but I figured she could just swallow [the potatoes]. They just told us, they said, 'We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers.' [Victoria] understood exactly what they said. Her being 3 years old and already being discriminated against, it makes me mad, because I know for the rest of her life it's going to be like that.”

A Facebook page called “Victoria’s Victories” that was set up to support the young girl after her attack initially posted about the KFC incident.

“Does this face look scary to you?” the page read. “Last week at KFC in Jackson MS this precious face was asked to leave because her face scared the other diners. I personally will never step foot in another KFC again and will be personally writing the CEO.”

People all over the world caught wind of the story and were rightfully outraged. As expected, the family received support in the form of money and gifts following the incident, and tons of people attacked KFC for what they did.

When the incident first came to light, KFC offered to help the young girl while the investigation continued.

“We continue to take this report seriously, and of course have great sympathy for Victoria and her family,” KFC said in a statement. “Since we have so far not been able to verify the incident in our internal investigation, we have also hired a third-party consultant to conduct an independent investigation to help us resolve this matter. We have always prided ourselves on respect for all people and we will continue to emphasize this to all our employees. In addition, regardless of the outcome of the current investigation, KFC Corporation has committed $30,000 to assist with Victoria's medical bills. Along with the KFC Corporation, we are determined to get to the truth and address the situation appropriately."

Now, a source that’s part of the investigation says that the entire thing was fabricated.

Sources note that many details of the initial allegations against KFC do not add up, and as 11 Alive News points out, the family said that the incident happened on May 15 even though the Victoria’s Victories page posted on May 16 about the child being in the hospital the day before.

“We had a small adventure yesterday, Victoria pulled her feeding tube out but thanks to the great people at Batson Children's Hospital she is home today waiting for her new sister! Mom & Baby Abby come home today too,” the Facebook page read on May 16.

Additionally, an investigation uncovered that surveillance video from the KFC doesn’t show Wilcher, her grandmother, or anybody else in their family dining at the restaurant on May 15. Wilcher’s aunt, administrator for the Facebook page, now says that the specific KFC location she originally posted about was the wrong one, but even when investigators looked at surveillance tape from the supposedly correct location, Wilcher and her family were nowhere to be seen.

“We have never ever ever run off anyone, and we have seen some really really sick people come to the restaurant from the hospital," said the source denying the claims against KFC. "We've had people come in who were shot in the face. We've had them with tubes and wire sticking out. We never have asked anyone to leave.

“It just didn't happen,” reiterated the source.

“When the allegation was first made, KFC pledged $30,000 to go to medical expenses and started an investigation to find the truth,” said Dick West, president of West Quality Food. “They have pledged the money even if it is proven that the incident never happened. At this point their story is full of holes. Any thinking person who follows their timeline can see it. The event at KFC never happened.”

The family has yet to comment on the latest developments.

Sources: 11 Alive News, CBS 6 News, My Fox 8


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