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Stores Charging Fees for Trying On Clothes

Many retailers across the country are now charging customers a fee for trying on clothes in an effort to combat "showrooming."

Showrooming is when a person tries on clothes to research them and buy them cheaper online. This has had a profound affect on small boutique shops.

But it is also happening at bridal shops where many women try on expensive dresses but never purchase them. One bride-to-be named Jen explained how she was charged $25 at a New York shop recently for trying on a dress.

"I didn't like the idea," she said. "But since it was a nominal fee, I did it anyway."

While not all stores are ready to admit that they implement such tactics, it is becoming more widespread, with fees ranging from $5 to $25.

"It's to ensure staff members aren't wasting their time with customers who will ultimately make their purchases elsewhere," WWD said.

Though many object to the idea, some agree with it saying it is a good way to take the stress off of retail workers.

"It's probably to prevent people from just trying on gowns for funzies [sic]," on commenter wrote on WeddingWire. "I imagine that happens very frequently ... I myself am guilty."

Another said, "I actually think the charge is a good idea ... being in retail I would hate to have my time wasted especially if I worked on commission."

It seems the fees are kept relatively low in America, but elsewhere, it has skyrocketed to hundreds of dollars.

One Vera Wang boutique in Shanghai was reportedly charging their customers 3,000 yuan, almost $500, to try on wedding gowns.

That fee was deducted from the total price if the person made a purchase, but it was not refunded if they did not decide to buy anything.

Sources: Daily Mail, WWD


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