Store Owner Told Lesbians Not To Hold Hands (Video)


A lesbian couple were recently asked to stop holding hands by a store owner in Hot Springs, Arkansas (video below).

Ashley Looper and and her fiancee Jessica Perkins were milling around Spa City Treasures when they were confronted by Steve Salyers.

"Someone came up behind us, the same guy who had been following us and said, 'Could you please not hold hands in my store?' And, of course, my reaction was, I twisted around, I said, 'Excuse me?'" Looper told KARK.

Salyers told the news station: "I'm a family person so I want this to be a family store. It's like I wouldn't want to take my kids to a strip club or something."

It's not clear how a lesbian couple holding hands is like a strip club, but Salyers added: "I just felt like they were just doing something that was inappropriate to have kids around. So, that's all. It would have been the same whether it had been regular people or not."

It's not clear how a lesbian couple are not "regular people."

"I squeezed her hand a little bit tighter and said, 'Come on, let's go.'" Looper said.

"I thought people were changing or that people were more accepting," Perkins stated. "It hurt more than anything, like he tried to shame us."

Looper and Perkins left the items that they planned to buy in the store, and walked out.

The lesbian couple, who have been together for seven months, plan to shop at stores where they will not be judged.

Before the page was taken down, the Spa City Treasures Facebook page had filled up with comments accusing Salyers of being a homophobe, which he denied. The store owner did confirm to KARK that he is a Christian.

Some of the Facebook comments included:

"TRASH, you people will be closed after this goes me it has made just one day! Media will be invovled next!"

"You will NEVER get any business from myself or anyone in my family!!! EVER!!!"

"This store is DISGUSTING. Literal trash."

"I will never shop here. Any business that fosters hate and discrimination will never get my business"

Sources: KARKSPA City Treasures/Facebook / Photo credit: KARK via YouTube

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