Store Owner Shoots Armed Thieves, Gets Bored Waiting for No-Show Police, Goes Home

Pepe’s Grocery store in Dallas, Texas had a close encounter with a group of four armed robbers on Sunday night. Luckily, store manager Joe Cho of Korea was able to take matters into his own hands.

Cho immediately phoned police and fired two shots from his .38 to scare off the thieves. At least one of the bullets struck his target – the four armed criminals fled, leaving a trail of blood behind them. Cho was left to wait for the police to arrive. And so he waited, and waited, and waited.

Cho sat around for 20 minutes waiting for the police before he finally decided to lock up and go home. Officers arrived at the store 75 minutes after Cho originally phoned the police.

In an ironic twist, police then phoned Cho and asked him to come to the scene of the crime. An angry Cho later told reporters, "I'm at home safe, everything, I relax right now. Then you call me about an hour something later, you want me to come back over here." He added, “Twenty minutes. What the hell.”

The Dallas Police Department was quick to shift the blame over to Cho. A spokesman said,  “The caller had a very heavy accent and was speaking very quickly…The call taker had a very difficult time understanding the information and did not hear the caller say ‘shot’ or ‘shoot.’”

You can be the judge of that yourself:

The phone call is admittedly hard to understand, but the 911 operator clearly confirmed that Cho had been robbed and he answered “Yeah, yeah!” when asked if the robbers had a gun. Even if the dispatcher never heard Cho say that he shot at the robbers, is 75 minutes an acceptable response time for an armed robbery?

Still, Cho got justice. Police picked up the wounded robber a few blocks away. Apparently, the man had been abandoned by his accomplices – there truly is no honor among thieves.

The cops may have been 75 minutes late but they still caught the bad guy. It’s hard to tell which is the moral of this story:

All’s well that ends well; or

When seconds count, the police are just minutes, er, hours away.

Source: Dallas Observer


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