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Store Owner Rodney Duve Charged With Murder After Fatally Shooting Shoplifter

The owner of a Texas convenience store owner was arrested last weekend for fatally shooting a man who tried to walk out without paying for beer.

Rodney Duve, 51, the owner of Duve’s Quick Stop in Corpus Christi, was charged with murder in the shooting death of an unnamed 39-year-old man. The victim, who was shot several times, was a well-known gang member, according to KRIS-TV.

“He didn’t have to shoot the person for two cases of beer,” an anonymous neighbor told KRIS-TV. “A life doesn’t equal two cases of beer.”

He claimed Duve has a history of anger issues.

“On occasion when I came in [to the store], I saw him in a rage, a scary rage,” he said of Duve. “I don’t think it’s a reason to take someone’s life for two cases of beer when the person was almost outside.”

Another neighbor defended Duve.

“I probably would've done the same thing. It’s one of those things where how many times can you be pushed until you fight back. Everybody has their limit.”

It is unclear if Duve had a history of being robbed or if he had a history with the victim.

“Texas is supposed to be the land of lax gun laws but the police have been quick to throw all the blame at a man who was simply trying to protect his business,” wrote blogger Stephen Kersey of Every Joe. “Don’t want to get shot? Don’t be a thief. It’s that simple. Be a useful part of society and you won’t have to be worried.”

Duve is being held at Nueces County jail in leiu of $35,000 bond.

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