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After Man With Gun Thwarts Stabbing At Store, Store Decides To Ban Guns

A convenience store owner in Lumberton, Mississippi, is catching some heat after posting a “No Guns” sign in front of his store.

What makes the sign particularly interesting, according to BUZZPO, is that a concealed carry holder allegedly used a gun to save a store manager's life a few months back.

In March, a concealed carrier was shopping in the store when he saw Lamont Williams, 29, stabbing the store manager. The carrier drew his gun and stopped the attack without shooting.The manager was taken to the hospital in critical condition but survived.

Fast forward to three months later. Yesterday, someone contacted Eric Reid over at BUZZPO and showed him a picture of a new sign on the store’s door reading, “No Guns.” It’s confirmed that the sign only appeared after the stabbing took place.

Reid called the store and asked them about the sign.

Here’s how he recapped the call: “I, of course, called Keith’s Superstore in Lumberton, MS, to find out what their logic was. Long story short, they were quite rude and refused to answer any questions pertaining to this incident. Perhaps I should’ve asked why they didn’t post a 'No Knives' sign!”

Well played, Mr. Reid.


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