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Baltimore Reporter Saved From Violent Crowd By Store Owner Armed With Gun

A reporter for the Baltimore Sun described the moment that an armed storeowner saved him from violent rioters.

Justin Fenton told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an interview that he found himself in an area of the city where a lot of looting and destruction was taking place when suddenly, a group of men wearing blue bandanas who “self-identified themselves as Crips members” took him aside and told him they were going to keep him “safe.”

When he turned away from the group to take a photo, however, Fenton says that a random man with a hoodie pulled over his face sprayed him “in the head” with mace and demanded the reporter’s cellphone. Fenton reportedly ran off and was able to get to a nearby store where a storeowner armed with a shotgun took him into safety.

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In a photo posted to Twitter, Fenton captured the alleged business owner standing at his doorway with a shotgun.

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“Picture from earlier: man guarding business on North/Pennsylvania w shotgun,” Fenton wrote along with the image.

Fenton told Blitzer that he believes the rioting has escalated into a “situation of opportunity” where people see others stealing and destroying things and decide to follow along so they can get away with it, too.

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Sources: Breitbart, CNN

Photo Source: Justin Fenton via Twitter, Breitbart



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