Store Clerk Tells Robber That He Has 'Bigger' Gun (Video)

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Robert Moore was working in his Seattle convenience store last Saturday night when two masked robbers entered.

One of the robbers stood near the door as a lookout, while the second robber pointed a gun at Moore and said, "This is a robbery."

However, Moore (pictured) didn't think the robber's gun looked real.

"I looked at his gun and said 'I have a bigger one than you do,'" Moore told KOMO (video below).

When Moore turned to get his own gun, the robbers fled the store in a white SUV, which was recorded on surveillance tape.

Moore showed his "big gun" to KOMO, which turned out to be a small handgun, but was real.

Seattle police are trying to locate the white SUV dark markings on the rear of the left side and a sun roof, but so far have no leads. notes KATU.

"It's a good place and Robert's so great to the locals and stuff like that," local customer Rich Morris stated. "It's just a shame when people get desperate like that."

Sources: KATU and KOMO


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