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'Without This Job, My Life Is Nothing': Store Clerk Loses Job After Robbers Steal $500 From Cash Register

A convenience store clerk in Houston, Texas, was able to keep his life but not his job after crooks robbed nearly $500 from the register on Tuesday, June 9.

Petros Kenno told KHOU he’s “lucky to be alive.”

A white Ford pickup truck smashed into a Timewise convenience store on June 9 at 1:30 a.m., KTRK reported. Police say five or six men were involved in the robbery.

The suspects reportedly tried stealing from an ATM, but were unsuccessful. They then made their way towards the cash register.

"I was scared, I kept my hands raised until they left," Kenno told KTRK. "I didn't see any kind of gun, but one of the (robbers) screamed to me to pull out his gun and I gave him all the money I had in my drawer."

Two of the suspects who fled by foot were caught by police minutes later. They are now facing aggravated robbery charges and police are still searching for the other suspects involved.

Kenno told KHOU 11 News that although the robbery did not cost him his life, it did cost him his job.

"I got a text from my boss," Kenno explained. "It said, ‘Petros, I have bad news for you. You are terminated.’"

When Kenno asked why he was being fired, the manager texted back, “Too much cash in the register, a violation of company policy.”

Kenno said the crooks stole nearly $500 from the register and admitted that he should have never let the register fill up with more than $150. He said he never expected that something like this would happen.

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"I know I made a mistake, I shouldn't have kept that money in the register," Kenno said. "I was supposed to drop it, but I was working hard that night."

Kenno had been an employee at the convenience store for three years. He moved to Houston from Ethiopia and was working the overnight shift to help pay for his pre-med education.

Now, Kenno is afraid he might not be able to make ends meet.

"Without this job, my life is nothing," Kenno said. "I felt like it was too early to terminate me. I need this job."

Kenno tried calling area managers with Landmark Industries, the company that owns the convenience store, to no avail. He said he’s even willing to pay the company the $500 the crooks stole.

"My customers love me," Kenno said. "I love them and I treat them like kings and queens. What I need is, I need this job. Even if it's going to put my life in jeopardy, I still want to work there."

KHOU 11 reportedly tried to reach out to Landmark Industries for comment multiple times, but did not receive a response.

Sources: KHOU 11, KTRK

Photo Credit: KHOU 11


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