Stop the Killing of Animals in Military Training Exercises


For two years, we've been protesting the U.S. government's declaration of war on animals. The military abuses thousands of healthy animals in trauma training exercises, even though superior non-animal methods are available. In these exercises,
pigs are shot, stabbed, and burned; goats have their legs broken with
bolt cutters and cut off with shears; and monkeys are poisoned with
toxic chemicals.

Now, U.S. Representative Bob Filner (D-Ca.) has joined the effort to
replace the cruel and crude use of animals in military medical training
by introducing the BEST Practices Act (H.R. 4269).
This act, if passed, would replace the current deadly use of live
animals with sophisticated, human-focused training methods, such as
high-tech human patient simulators, that better prepare soldiers to
treat their fallen comrades on the battlefield.

This week, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is leading Citizen Lobbyist Week,
encouraging people across the country to back the BEST Practices Act
and speak out in behalf of the pigs, goats, and monkeys who are
tormented on military bases. You can take action by asking your congressional representative to support the bill. Get out your pleather boots, soldiers—here's to no more animal casualties!


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