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Stop the Cruel Practice of Children Killing Feral Pigs in FL

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Compassionate Florida residents have contacted PETA about reports that
the Southwest Florida Water Management District is using lethal methods
to control feral hogs in Manatee County. Our callers tell us not only
that the county is massacring feral hogs but also that juveniles between the ages of 8 and 16 are the ones who are wielding the guns!

down feral hogs is cruel enough, but putting rifles in the hands of
kids is a recipe for disaster. Novice hunters often merely wound their
targets, and the animals' deaths can be slow and painful. Mass killings
also tear apart families, leaving young and weak animals vulnerable to
starvation, dehydration, and predators. Furthermore, lethal methods of wildlife control don't work in the long run.
As long as the areas of concern remain attractive and accessible to
these animals, more will move in from surrounding areas to fill the
newly vacant niche. In addition, killing individuals can result in a
spike in the food supply and prompt remaining females to breed, causing
the population to increase.

Please politely urge
Southwest Florida Water Management District officials to halt all hunts
that allow children—or anyone—to kill feral hogs in Manatee County and
push for long-term feral hog–management methods that are more effective
and humane.


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