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Stop it.

My fellow Humans,

at the time of this writing, 9 years ago yesterday, there was a brutal and savage attack on american soil. there are differing opinions on who or what or how these attacks took place, but i am sure that almost all of us can understand the savagery and cruelty of those who committed this act. The blood of thousands of men and women, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Christians, Mormons, Buddhists, Satanists, and others are on their hands. the blood of thousands of HUMAN BEINGS are on their hands. People died, in horrible, painful ways, and people watched them die, on their tvs, on their computers, and on the streets. schools were shut down, and we all watched in horror as our quiet lives were shattered by the sounds of roaring engines and screeching steel. there were amazing acts of heroism among the flames and wreckage, and even one in the sky, showing that even as we watch our fellow countrymen perish we will not give in. we pulled together as a nation, and showed the world and showed ourselves that we are the best when the situation demands it. But... in those 9 years, as i grew up i watched us become nothing like those heroes. i watched us turn into snivelling cowards, fearmongering racists, blind followers of whatever the shiny box tells us, because the shiny box knows all, yes it does. we sit at home, playing our videogames and watching our tv, placing our children before these new idols of technology and entertainment, before denouncing them as heralds of evil and degeneracy. our once great system of free press has devolved into a bunch of truncating lying name calling slimeballs on both sides, with no one standing up against it. Our religious leaders are spreading hate and fear about each other, saying that this or that is god's wrath, that this or that DVD or book will put you on the path to righteousness. we claim that two people falling in love with each other will harm everyone else in love, simply because they have the same bits. we worship ignorance as a virtue, sneering at the educated elite as if the fact they went to college is a bad thing. we seem to not give a damn about anything anymore, and that is not the america i know and i love. the america i know is the america i was young in, the america that cared, that wanted to help its people, that invented such amazing wonderful things, that was prosperous, and that had love and open doors and actual goddamn patriotism. that was THE america. not this collection of fat slobs, this crowd of drooling zombies, soiling themselves if a man in a turban sneezes. for christ's sake people, look at yourselves. are you proud, truly and deeply proud of who you are? of what this country is now? a fast food wasteland, where most teenagers don't even know how to read, let alone what half the words i just said even mean! and now, most horribly, most SICKENINGLY we let, nay, we PRAISE these new demagogues for politicizing the attacks on September 11th 2001, we join in gleefully, we laugh and smile and wipe our asses with the constitution. We teach our children, the children of this country how to hate. we watched, as a 14 year old girl was gangraped for TWO GODDAMN HOURS, without even calling the cops. we watch, as our people, as our countrymen starve to death on our streets, as our youth go bookless, go artless, go brainless and think that is how they should be. we watch, as this Rome burns. I am begging you, from the bottom of my heart, with all the love and caring i can muster for this great country, turn off your TV. please. just do it. read a newspaper, check out robert heinlein, gary paolini, judy blume, i don't care. Just read. learn something you cant learn on the internet or in your bibles. broaden your gotdang horizons, open your ears AND LISTEN. The saddest thing i see as i walk the halls of my school is that no one looks around. we cant afford to be narrow people, no more than we can afford to let this city on the hill come tumbling down. give some money to a hobo, say please, bless your waitress when she sneezes. care. this is america. we are better than everyone else. so by golly, show it.


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