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Stop Calling Him 'Honey" and start Having Sex

If your sex life reads more like a service manual than a romance novel, stop calling him 'honey' and start rekindling the flame of desire! 

Julienne Davis and Maggie Arana, authors of a new book, “Stop Calling Him “Honey” and Start Having Sex,” took an earthy and realistic look at relationships and found  that, when we start calling our lover or spouse Honey, Baby, Sweetums, Pookie (fill in your favorite here…).we lose our individuality, our gender, and the differentness that first attracted us. 

“Once sweet, innocent ‘honey’ infects our relationships, it becomes the deadly killer of desire,” we are told. Who knew those sweet, androgynous pet names are the first step toward a nonexistent sex life?

It’s not just about a simple word, however, but about how we relate to our partner in many ways. Our words, our gestures, our habits, even our eye contact--all of this affects our sexuality. It's the everyday things we say and do that sabotage our sexual chemistry, Davis and Arana say. “Calling him ‘honey’ is only the beginning.”

Familiarity does not necessarily equate with intimacy, and all those bodily functions and ‘personal grooming' activities you used to politely hide when you first met or were trying to attract your mate should be kept private. Believe it or not, sharing them with your partner puts you on the fast track toward killing a healthy sexual relationship.  

This book also tells us:

Why arguing is an important factor in bringing couples closer together

Why it is critical to maintain a sense of individuality

How sexuality doesn't hinge on having the perfect body, but rather on how a woman feels about herself and how she projects those feelings to her partner reviews range from, "Our marriage has gotten so much better and we are enjoying each other again.” “I'm not rushing to tear my husband's clothes off, but I do have some ideas for rekindling the home fires.” “..long overdue. It's is a fun and fantastic read!” to “The book is shallow…”

The authors stress, Stop Calling Him “Honey” and Start Having Sex is not intended as an in-depth analysis of how to save a marriage that is already on the rocks. It is a non-therapy-speak guide which explains why date nights and sex in different locations are only Band-Aid solutions: The truth is, if you don't feel like having sex anymore, forcing yourselves to do it on the kitchen table isnot going to fix the problem!

Stop Calling Him “Honey” and Start Having Sex is a must-read 217-page basic blueprint for those who want to keep or regain the mystique that made that first kiss so “hot.”

Now, a bit of personal advice to you guys who just can’t resist whispering a loving endearment at a tender moment when it seems so right--it may be the sexy way you say it as much as the word itself that matters. When Barry White seductively croons “Can’t get enough of your love, Babe,”everywoman hears her name.


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