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Stolen Pit Bull Found Hanging From Neighbor's Fence

After the alleged theft of a dog and her two puppies from a home in Pennsylvania, the 5-year-old pitbull was found hanging on a neighbor's fence. The puppies were later handed in to an animal rescue organization.

Barely 24 hours earlier, Latanya Thomas noticed her pit bull, Momma's, and the dog's 3-month-old puppies, Shiba and Marvelous, were missing from her home in Logan, Philadelphia, reports CBS Philly. Momma's was reportedly discovered hanging from her leash from an 8-foot wooden fence. The two puppies were missing at the time.

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“The neighbor of the owner of the animal saw the dog hanging at her backyard, over her fence,” George Bengal, from the Philadelphia chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told CBS News.

The PSPCA and local police are seeking the public's help, as they believe this was done intentionally.

A woman reportedly found the puppies and took them in, thinking they were strays, but handed them over to the PSPCA after seeing news reports about what had happened, reports ABC 6 News.

"The way the animal was put up on the fence, there was no way the animal jumped and hung itself," Bengal told ABC 6 News.

“This is obviously a deliberate act, along with the theft of the animals, so we’re looking for any information regarding this that will help us out,” Bengal explained.

Thomas believes that whoever is responsible for the hanging killed the dog before placing her on the fence.

"They might have killed her before they put her over that gate because she'll usually make some noise 'cause she'll bark," Thomas said. "So I think they killed her before they put her over that gate."

“She’s one of those hardheaded dogs," Thomas told CBS Philly. "She don’t listen and she will, she will bite you. Ain't no stranger gonna walk up to her. Somebody shoot her, I really think so.”

Police officials and PSPCA believe someone saw the suspects with the dogs, as it occurred in a residential area during daytime hours.

"Somebody had to see something," Bengal explained. "This animal apparently was hung during the day, you know, this is a pretty closed area here. It's all twin homes and the yards back up pretty tight to one another so somebody had to see something."

According to the PSPCA, there are no suspects at this time.

"They need to go to jail," Thomas said. "Whoever it is, I hope they go to hell. They're going to hell 'cause you don't do dogs like that."

Sources: CBS Philadelphia, ABC 6 News / Photo credit: ABC 6 News


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