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Stolen Pit Bull Confiscated At Cockfight Bust, Reunited With Owner (Video)

Acting on a tip that a cockfight would be held last Saturday night at a home in the Wallace area of Marlboro County, South Carolina, Sheriff’s deputies raided a home on Kollock Road last Saturday, making 27 arrests and seizing 122 roosters, a duck, an emaciated female pit bull and 10 puppies.

The pit bull wasn't involved in any dog fighting the night of the bust; but she was on the property and appeared to be in bad shape. So deputies -- who were accompanied by Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) investigators -- decided to seize her and her puppies, Lt. Jamie Seales told Carolina Live.

When news of the cockfighting raid was aired, a picture of the pit bull was shown and April Morris immediately knew it was her family’s dog, Nina Louise, who had been stolen from her Bennettsville home on Dec. 27, 2013.

Jennifer Hyduke of the Humane Society of Marlboro County said April Morris contacted her Tuesday after seeing a picture of the pit bull and gave identifying information over the phone.  

When she and her family came in, there was no doubt this was their dog. The sad little pit bull’s tail started wagging and she ran right to them, Hyduke said.

Morris said she thought she would never see her dog again and that it is a miracle. She said she put out flyers looking for her and even offered a $500 reward.

Nina Louise went home that day, after more than a year of apparent neglect. The scarring on her face could have occurred through staged “rolls” to test another dog for fighting or from just being attacked by other dogs where she was being kept.

It may be a while before Nina Louise learns to really enjoy life again, but Morris said she is feeding her well and nursing her back to good health.

Deputies said the 27 people arrested on various cockfighting charges during the bust have bonded out of jail and are waiting for their cases to be heard in court.

But Nina Louise will not be returning to the hands of the person who allowed her to be hungry and harmed. She will continue to nurse her puppies at home until they are weaned, and the humane society says they all already have adoptive homes waiting for them.

Source: Carolina Live, (2)

Photo Credit: Wikicommons, Tonya Brown/Carolina Live


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