Stolen Goods Found In House Dropped To The Ground By Tornado


Leave it to a tornado to perform an unexpected stolen goods search on a house.

A powerful tornado ripped through Kingsport, Tennessee on Sunday, and in doing so leveled the house of resident Jerrod L. Christian.

When neighbors saw the tornado tear Christian’s house to shreds, they ran over to search for any people possibly trapped in the rubble. Thankfully, no one was in the house. The neighbors were troubled, though, to find a few familiar items on the scene.

The Kingsport Times-News reports that a welder, an air compressor, a weed trimmer, a ratchet and an air hose all not belonging to Christian were found on his property. Each of the items was reported stolen by Christian’s neighbors in recent months.

The neighbors couldn’t confront Christian directly about their stolen goods because he was already in jail. The day before the tornado struck, Christian was arrested after taking his girlfriend’s van without asking permission. When officers found Christian in the van, he refused to get out and threatened them. His actions earned him a disorderly conduct charge.

Christian, still being held in the Sullivan County Jail for the first incident, has now been charged with two counts of burglary. Police estimate the stolen goods were worth almost $2,000. 

Source: The Kingsport Times-News


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