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Owner Of Stolen Car Thanks Thieves For Making So Many Modifications To It

Becky Schoenig, the owner of a brand new 2015 Ford Fusion, was not particularly worried when her car was stolen on Monday night. Instead, she simply believed that she would get the car back in one piece.

The Missouri native kept the same positive mindset that she lives most of her life with. Her friend, Marlene Trice, described her as “a very special person. She is vibrant and happy and really loves making people laugh.”

Luckily for Schoenig, a resident of St. Louis kept his eyes open after he saw a Facebook post about the stolen car.

Not long after, Mick Sexton recognized the missing Fusion, even though the thieves made some serious changes to the exterior of the car.

Sexton notified the police and Schoenig got her car back. “The cops showed up and the kids were all arrested and the car was retrieved,” she said.

She posted a photo of the car to Facebook the day that she got it back, which happened to be April Fool’s Day. Many of her friends did not believe that the photo was real.

She wrote, “I want to thank the car thieves for pimping out my vehicle for me.... This thing is pimpin now!!!”

Schoenig’s only complaint with the upgraded car was that the interior smelled of cigarettes and marijuana. However, the stench should come out after she has it cleaned.

As a gesture to Mick Sexton, Schoenig is going to release a new smoothie at ‘The HotPot Smoothie,’ a local restaurant that she owns.

She is calling it the ‘Sexton on Wheels,’ and will incorporate bananas, pineapple, peach and coconut cream.

Schoenig wil not keep the changes that the thieves made to her car. She is currently having it restored to its original look.

Sources: KSDK, ABC News / Photo Source: ABC News


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