'I Am So Sorry': Thief Returns American Flag Given To Firefighter Who Died On 9/11 With A Note


An American flag that was gifted to the family of a firefighter who gave his life on September 11th was stolen – and then returned to his grieving relatives with an apologetic note.

On Friday morning, Melissa Brengel – the sister of firefighter Jonathan Ielpi, who died at the World Trade Center – woke up and found the flag sitting outside of her Long Island, New York house, reports the Daily Mail. The note attached to it read: “I’m sorry. I had no idea.”

The flag, which had flown over the WTC ruins, had been given to Brengel by the September 11th Families Association as a sign of respect for her brother’s sacrifice.Four days earlier, someone reportedly stole it from the front of her home in the middle of the night. Brengel said she rarely left it outside and only did so at certain times of the year to remember what had happened.

“I don’t know who took it or why,” Brengel said. “I guess they had their reasons. I am just glad that their conscious got the best of them and they did the right thing by returning it.”

On her Facebook page Brengel added: “The flag means so much to me and my family and we are so happy and grateful that it was returned and we are able to display it again, although this time it will be put in a proper case and displayed in the house.”

Ielpi was 29 when he died in the south tower on September 11. Their father was a firefighter, as well, and a co-founder of Tribute WTC.

This is not the first time the Ielpi family has felt someone disrespected Jonathan. On an episode of the reality TV show “Princesses: Long Island,” one cast member was shown acting foolishly around a statue of the firefighter, which angered his sister.

“It may not be against the law to do it, but it is the most disrespectful and disgusting thing that I think you can do,” Brengel said at the time.

Source: Daily Mail


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